-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-    -Sinningia-   
-Misc. Gesneriads-    -xAchimenantha-  


                                         (Rhizome or cutting will be sent)
                    3 Rhizomes  $4.00     Plants: Summer and fall  $5.00
                               Rhizomes  available Until last of April
   Blue Rose  Blue double flower, green leaves.  

Orange-pink, deeper orange at center.  Dark green narrow. 

Small white, yellow throat/brown spotting.  Light green.

Large violet shade.   OUT

 Rosy Frost 
Rosy pink flowers, white throat. green leaves, trailing type. 

 Robert Dressler

 Valse Bleu 
light to sky blue.

 violacea Semi Plena

 Yellow Beauty 
 (lyon)  Large yellow flowers. Bronzy leaves, trailing.  

-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-   
   -Misc. Gesneriads-    -xAchimenantha-  


 Found growing in the wild in areas of China, Southeast Asia, and India. Chirita  
 has very unusual and attractive foliage. The veins are deep in the leaves giving 
 them a quilted look. Chirita leaves form a nice rosette shape, set on short stems
 that are thick and one to two inches long.

 Click on the link for a picture of a grown Chirita.

  Tube and lobes pure white with two purple lines along throat.
      (Miniature)    $6.00

 sp. USBRG  98-083    Blossom Blue.   $6.00

  I also carry a very limited number of these so check before ordering 

 sp. gemella   Hairy light green foliage.  Forms stolens.  (miniature)  $6.00

 Jade Moon  (Boggan)  Lavender-blue bloom.   Medium green pointed  
      leaves.  (miniature)  $6.00

Little Dragon 
(Boggan)  Very pale lavender.  Deep green pointed foliages.
      Make a perfect miniature rosette and produce stolen. (Miniature)  $6.00

-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-   
   -Misc. Gesneriads-    -xAchimenantha-  

Episcia ($5.00)

 Has leaves similar to those on violets, but are wonderfully colored with stripes 
 and copper or green colored edges with white veins. Episcia makes a good 
 hanging basket plant as it tends to be low-growing and have trailing stems.
  Episcia shoots off stolens like runners on strawberry plants.

 Temperature Note: This plant does the best growing above 65 with plenty of 

 Click on the link to view a full grown Episcia.


 Blue Nile  (Luther)  Lavender-blue, cream, yellow throat.  Bright green         bordered dark brown, center blade silver mid vein.  

 Butternut  Medium green, rose and brown foliage. Red-orange flower.

 Country Brillant  (Blansit)  Rose-red leaves.  Orange red flower.

 Country Kitten  (Blansit)  Red-orange flowers.  Chocolate colored leaves,
       with pink and silver veining.
 Emerald Isle   (Wesco)  Red flower.  Green and brown, with deeply  
       white veins foliage.   

 Faded Jade 
Light green, sliver quilted foliage.  Red flower.

 Ice Cream  Red flowers.  Chocolate brown leaves/silver netting.

 Jim's Canadian Sunset
  (Bodnar)  Pink flower with spots of darker pink,  
yellow throat.   Misty brown leaves with silver green veining.

 Jim's Golden Eagle
  (Bodnar)  Red-orange flowers.  Chocolate colored
leaves with silvery-pink veining.

 Jim's Lemon Zest 

 Jim's Porcelain Doll 
(Bodnar)  Red Flower.  Chocolate pebbled leaves 
      silver-green veining.

 Lime Ade  Orange flower.  Light green, silver overlay, yellow in new growth.

 My Black Beauty  

 Pink Panther
  (Luther)  Large fringed pink flower, cream center, deep 
      pink spotting.  Large copper-green  leaves, sliver-green veining.
 Pixie Dust   Red flower.  Silver leaves to darker green margin with light 
      pink shades overlay.

 Sea Foam  Light silvery green blushed rose with dark blackish brown
      foliage.  Red orange. 

 Sparkle Plenty   (Nixon)   Red flower.

 Star of Bethlehem 
Pink star, on yellow lobes.   

 Tiger Stripe  Red flower.  Dark green quilted leaves with golden green



-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-  
    -Misc. Gesneriads-     -xAchimenantha-  


 Gloxinia was discovered in Columbia and Venzuela in 1739.
 Gloxinia is so diverse in growing type it is hard to give a description
 of this plant.  Some Gloxinia may grow to a height of 6 inches, while
 others may reach 18 inches or more.  Some develop low spreading
 growth making them ideal for hanging basket.  Blooms vary from
 tubular to bell shape.

 Click on the link to see a Gloxinia

 Special note:  In the last couple years the Gloxinia have been rename   
 back what the plant family was name around 20 years ago. 

                        Rhizomes  $4.00         Plant  $5.00
  Rhizomes  available Until last of April

 Seemannia Chic  Small, pouched shaped, bright red flower.
      Medium green, pointed foliage.  (Spreading habit)

 Seemannia  Pegasus 

 Gloxinella Lindeniaha  Small lavender, bell/slipper shaped, with a 
      white edge.  Small, ovate, dark green with pink to silver veins.


-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-  
  -Misc. Gesneriads-     -xAchimenantha-  


                   Welcome to Sinningia Heaven

    Natural habitat is the wild areas of Central and South America. The 
    largest plants may go dormant for 2-4 months.  Water them lightly and
    wait for them to re-sprout, then watch them bloom.

     With the high demand for some of the sinningia hybrids we reserve
  the right to limit shipping to 3 plants per order of one particular hybrid.

       Due to newly sprouting tubers and limited supply of some hybrids     
              for the 2014 shipping season, list substitutions particularly
                                when ordering a high number of hybrids.

          Sometime I run out of what is potting up if a tuber is available 
                                    work write on order "Tuber ok".

         Please be aware that some of the micro varieties have tubers,
 but the crowns might be very small.

                    Work on getting the sinningia list going for 2014.

Micro-miniature Sinningia 

 Bright Eyes (Clayberg)  Purple slightly darker at edge of throat.  Out

 Carefree's Regina  (Bull)  Reddish-purple flowers, heavy spots in throat/
      white lower petals.  Dark Green.  $8.00  (Out for 2014)  
 Freckles (Clayberg) Purple/white spotted throat. $7.00   TUBER 

 Hircon  (Nixon)  Lilac/purple spot in throat, paler yellow underside.  
      (plant is like freckles but larger in all parts)    $7.00   OUT   

 Li'l Georgie   $8.00  OUT for a while

 Little Tiger  White, tiny purple spotted throat. $7.00 out for 2014 

 Little Wood Nymph  Upper two lobes dark purple, lower three lobes
       white light purple edging/light purple spotted throat. $7.00 
                                                                               out of 2014

 Mighty Mouse  (Boggan)  Lavender flower.   $7.00 (out for 2014) 

 Poupee  (Nixon)  Medium lavender flower.   $7.00 OUT for 2014   
 Razzmatazz  (Shinomura)  Upper two lobes purple, lower three lobes   
      white with large purple spots.   $8.00     (OUT for 2014)    

Snowflake   White flower, fringed lobes.  $8.00  (Out complete for 2014)  

 Speckles  Pastel version of freckles.  $7.00  OUT   

 sp.  concinna
  (Nichols)  Light to dark lilac/purple spotted throat.   
                                $8.00   (out as of 02-09-14)

sp. muscicola 
Light to dark lilac, white flower.  Tiny stripe pointed   Very
      edges leaves with red back.  $7.00  (Rename sp. Rio das Pedras)  small

 sp. pusilla   $7.00  

sp pusilla
  (Itaoca)  $7.00  OUT

 Star Eyes  (Belanger)Light lavender frilled edge, white in throat. $8.00 
                            (out for 2014)

 Treva McDaniel  (Henry)  Purple and white/smaller spots. $8.00 Out

 White Sprite  White Flower.     $8.00  Out  2014     

                                    Miniature Sinningia

 Alexandra  (Belisle) Rose-red/variable white center, dark red spots. 
                                                                           Out for 2014  $7.00

White/purple upper two lobes, darker purple in throat. $7.00   
(Schwarz)  Large blush pink, darker pink throat. $7.00 (OUT)

 Black Light
  (Schwarz)  Unusual reddish violet, lavender type/white
      creamy throat.  $7.00  Out for 2014  

Light pink with purple pinwheel star.  (A pinwheel type bloom).
       $9.00    (Out for 2014)   out as of 02-09-14

Cherry Sprite  $7.00

 Chippewa Merry Martha 
(Belisle)  Upper two lobes purple/light 
      wide lavender edge, lower lobes darker purple, fuchsia throat.  $7.00

 Cindy  (Talpey)  Upper two lobes purple, white underneath  
      with purple dots.  $7.00

 Cindy-ella  (Nixon)  Upper two lobes purple, lower lobes white/purple
      stripes and spots throat.    $7.00  

 Country Bumpkin 
(Belisle)  Upper two lobes purple, lower lobes white
      purple dots (or) white blossom/purple dots coming yellow throat. $7.00
                  (this plant have two different blossom on same plant)  OUT
 Country Crocus (Belisle) Purple/lavender, white throat, purple spots. 

 Country Garden (Belisle) Light purple, large cream throat, light purple dots       around the base. Medium-dark green.    $7.00

 Country Pink (Belisle)  Pale pink/white throat and darker-pink dashes 
      throat.  $7.50     OUT    

 Country Tiger  (Belisle)  Magenta to pale pink.  $7.00   

 Eileen  (Schwarz)  Large orchid-blue shading to white,
      purple veining.   $7.00

 Evening Star   ()  Ruffled Rose edged, Lavender maroon 
      Spots.  $7.00  OUT FOR 2014

 Flair (Lyon) Purple upper throat and lobes, white and purple lower lobes,       lower throat is deep yellow/big purple spot. Dark green.  $7.00

 Foxy Blue  (Schwarz) Large blue, white throat/heavy spotted.$7.00   

(Belisle)  Lavender accented dark red and white. $7.00 out 2014 

(Gmucs)  White with red dots/lines from throat to out on the 
      face.  Dark green.  
$8.00    Very limited and Small Tuber OUT

 Laura (Lyon) Deep purple slipper, darker eye, orange to maroon throat.
      Dark, red veins leaves.  $7.00  

 Leah  (Belisle)  Pale peach ruffled edge, throat splotched red
      purple.  $7.00  1 per order
 Little Lulu  (Belisle)  Lavender with veining, purple throat.  $7.00  
                                                                   1 per order

 Los Angeles (Martens) Pink upper lobes, bright red lower lobes/white 
      edges.  $7.00     OUt  

 Mark Twain  ()  Reddish purple from a white throat darker
      dash marks.   $7.00

 Mercury  (Wojcik) Cherry red, fainty dark red spots.Dark green. $7.00 

 Moon River  (Bona) Red violet blossom, with dark throat spot. $7.00  

 Party Dude (Lyon) Dark lavender, yellow and white throat/dark purple       dashes and dots. Dark Green.  $7.00  

 Piglet  (Roberts)  Large piggy pink, red/pink splotch emerging from the 
      throat.  $7.00   Out for 2014 maybe summer 

 Pink Ice  (Small)  Clear deep pink/white throat.  Small leaves.  $7.00  
 Plum It  ()  Plum purple/white throat, purple spots/red spot 
and lines.  $7.00 1 per order 

 Powderpuff  Pink/white face, throat thin dots and lines to reddish violet
      changing to purple on lowest lobes.  $7.00  1 per order

 Quasar  (Wojcik)  Upper 2 lobes medium purple, lower 3 lobes white
heavily marked fine lavender lines with spots, throat yellow.  Leaves
      dark green with a red reverse.  $8.00  

 Roxy  (Kartz)  Coral red.  Dark Green.  $7.00  

 Saylor's Snowcap (Bona) Snow white with a hint of pale blue or
      purple spot in throat.  $7.00  Out for 2014

 Scarlet Red  Small bright red/white throat. Very small round leaves.OUT 

 Silhouette  (Belanger)  Rich dark purple slighty ruffled edge.  $7.00  OUT

 Sky High Red  (Belisle)  Bright red/white throat.   $7.00    

 Sky High Spot  (Belisle)  White, variable lavender dots and blotches. 
     Medium green.  $7.00  

 Snowbird  (Wojcik) White, yellow throat/lavender spot.  $7.00  OUT

 Super Orange  Salmon-orange. Soft green leaves.  $7.00  (out for 2014)    

 Tai Rex  (Belisle)  Orange, darker purple bin on lower petals.$7.00 

 Tiger Chips (Belisle) White, red banded edge/spotted throat.   $7.00
                                                                                  OUT for 2014

 Tory  (Hunt)  Dark purple, lavender/white throat.  $6.00

(Belisle)  Raspberry pink/wide pink edge.  $7.00 out for 2014    

          Upright Growing Flowering Mini-Sinningia

  Deep Purple Dreaming   (Zaitlin) Dark Red-purple, tubular flowers,
      white throat/dark dots and lines from throat.   Dark green foliage
      red back, upright.  $7.00  1 per order

Heartland's Flashlight 
(Martens)  $7.00

Paper Moon  (Boggan's) Light purple/white throat coming out
      on face.    $7.00   Special note "Tuberless"

Spill the Wine  (Thomso)  Red white throat/red dots.  Medium green
      foliage with upright growth.    7.00

 Tinkerbells  (Jordan)  Carmine red.  Self branching.  $7.00  

 Yma  $7.00

                   Double Flowering Mini-Sinningia

 Chippewa Grace  (Belisle)  Double bright rose-pink flower.  $7.00 small
 Country Freedom 
(Belisle) Single to semidouble blue and white. $7.00

 Country Ozark Plum
  Double dark fuchsia, dark dots and lines from
      throat.  (This is a sport of 'Country Clarity')  $7.00   (Out for 2014)   

 Country Prayer   (Belisle)  Double pink and white variable in color.  
 Country Shortcake  (Belisle)  Single to semidouble red, yellow throat 
      to white/red dots radiate from the throat.  $7.00   OUT

   (Gmucs)  Double light lavender, purple petal edge/fine spotting. 
      Light Green.  $7.00  

Dooble Different 
(Belisle)  Single/double upper lobe purple white
      lower lobe purple line and spots.  $7.00   

 Emily  (McDaniels)  Single to double red with yellow throat darker
      darker dots from throat.  Dark green.  $7.00  
      Special Note: 
This is the first Double type Sinningia

 Freida  (Belisle) Single to semidouble medium pink/darker throat, dots 
      and lines radiate from throat.  $7.00 

 Fuchsia Treasure  (Belisle)   Single to semidouble bright fuchsia/
      darker marking.  $7.00 

 Glory Be  (Belisle)  Semidouble purple white throat/purple spots. $7.00

 Heartland's Double Dilly  (Martens)  Double Magenta edged with 
      magenta striped, white center.  $7.00 (out)

 Hot Tamale 
(Belisle) Single to double red & white flower.   $7.00
(Belisle)   Single to double purple and white.  $7.00     

 Lisa  (Ripps)  Semidouble red, white throat/red dots from throat to out on
      face.    $7.00  

 Martha Lemke  (McDaniels) Double purple/lavender marking. $7.00   

 Mackenzie  (Belisle)  Single/semidouble rose red, spotted throat. $7.00

 Neesa  (Belisle)  Single to Semidouble lavender purple/ darker 
      center.  $7.00

(Wojcik)  Double Dark Fuchsia.  $7.00  

 Raspberries 'N' Cream (Crews) Double Dark Purple/with dots.$7.00 
                                                                     (Out for 2014)

 Treva's Treasure  (McDaniels)  Double purple. $7.00  limited 

(Ripps)  Single to double Peach with Peach red type
      with a wide edge.  $7.00   


                   Ozark Series Mini-Sinningia 


 Ozark Coral Freckles (Harris)  Coral/dark coral freckles in throat and face
      with a lower notch lobe.  Dark green.   $7.00  out 02-09-14          

 Ozark Doris Fay  (Harris)  Mauve, red throat/little touch of yellow
      throat.   $7.00  

 Ozark Fireworks  (Harris)  Upper lobes pink, lower white burgangy dots,
  yellow throat or white red dots and lines from throat.  $7.00   OUT

 Ozark Little Charmer  (Harris)  $7.00   New for 2013  1 per order

 Ozark Petunia Edge  (Harris)  Bright rose/darker edging, white throat.
      Medium green.   $7.00   OUT 

 Ozark Pink Sunrise  (Harris)  Medium pink/white on face with wide 
      pink edge, yellow throat pink ray's emitting from throat.  $7.00 out

 Ozark Pizazz  (Harris)  Upper lobes pink, lower burgancy dots, 
      yellow throat, or white with a wide red band around the face of the 
      blossom.  $7.00    Out for 2014 season

 Ozark Purple Freckles  (Harris) Upper two lobes violet to lavender edge,
      lower three lobes lavender, lower notch lobe violet dots and lines from
      a yellow throat fading to lavender edge.  $7.00  OUT 

 Ozark Purple Zebra  (Harris)  Upper two lobes violet to lavender edge,
      lower three lobes white/thin lavender edge, violet dots and lines 
      coming from a yellow throat.  $7.00

 Ozark Rosey Freckles  (Harris)  Dark coral pink with white/fuchsia
      freckles throat, some freckles on face.  Dark green, red back.  $7.00

 Ozark Rosy Cheeks  (Harris)  Bright fuchsia/darker shading on throat.
      Dark green, red back.   $7.00  

 Ozark Rosy Tiger  (Harris)  Red coral darker edge white lower lobes/ 
red dots and lines with yellow throat.  $7.00     

 Ozark Waterfall  (Harris)  Dark lavender, stripe yellow/fucshia in throat.
      Occasional white spot on lower lobes.  Dark green red back.  $7.00

                  Ozark Series Double-Flowering

 Ozark Double Beauty  (Harris)  Double upper two
      lobes Purple lower three lobe purple and white fading to
      light lavender veining.  Dark green foliage.  $7.00

 Ozark Double Dip  (Harris)  Double pink lighter wide edge.  
      Dark green.  $7.00

 Ozark Double Snowrose  (Harris)  Double medium to
      dark fuchsia,outside of the blossom mostly white.  
      Dark green foliage.  $7.00

 Ozark First Born   (Harris)  Single to semidouble fringed dark fuchsia
      with fuchsia stripes.   $7.00  Out     

 Ozark Leprechaun Magic  (Harris)  $7.00  New for 2013 

Ozark Pink Kitten  (Harris)  Single to double rose type, slightly fringed
      edge, yellow throat.  $7.00  

 Ozark Something Special  (Harris)  Double medium Pink. $7.00  

 Ozark Twin Trumpets  (Harris)  Single to double coral blossom, shade  
      of red in throat.  $7.00  

                        Ozark "Blazing or Hot" Series  

 Ozark Blazing Embers  (Harris)  Burn Red, darker in lower throat.
      $7.00   Out for 2014

Ozark Red Lightning   (Harris)  Raspberry red, yellow throat purple
ray's and lines from throat.   $7.00

                      Ozark  "Convention"  Series

 Ozark Austin Frost  (Harris) 1 per order  New for 2013  $7.00

                       Ozark "Ice Cream" Series

 Ozark Jumbo Sundae  (Harris)  Upper two lobes Salmon pink,
      with lower 3 white lobes/magnet dots, yellow throat, lower  
      frilled lobes.   $7.00  out 02-09-14   

 Ozark Orange Sherbet  (Harris)  $7.00  (OUT for 2014) 

 Ozark Raspberry Halo  (Harris)  Raspberry, variable amounts
      of white around face, white throat with a lower notch lobe.  $7.00 

                          Ozark "Popcorn" Series 

Ozark Blue Popcorn 
(Harris)  Single to semidouble two different color 
      blossom upper two lobes purple/fuchsia to purple ray's radiates to a 
      purple edge or white/ fuchsia to purple ray's radiates from the throat.

 Ozark Pink Popcorn 
(Harris)  Single to semidouble two color blossom
      slighty fuchsia edge fuchsia center into ray's from yellow throat or white
      upper two lobes fuchsia/fuchsia ray's from the throat.   $7.00 

Taiwan Sinningia 

 An's Confusedly Abyss  (Liu's/Vivian)      miniature  $7.00

An's Joyful Eggplant 
(Liu's/Vivian)   miniature  $7.00

An's Mini Skirt 
(Liu's/Vivian) Upper two lobes Purple lower lobes
      white/purple dots.  (Sometime extra petal)   miniature  $7.00

 HCY's Aries  (Hung/Rick)  Double Purple with darker Fuchsia dots
      and lines a narrow band of purple edging.  small compact  $7.00

 HCY's Blue Dolphin   (Hung/Rick) Medium Purple, white throat.
      small compact  $7.00  

HCY's Blue Whale 
(Hung/Rick)  small compact   $7.00  

HCY's Joey 
(Hung/Rick)  Medium Pink and white.  
      small compact

HCY's Lady Lady 
(Hung/Rick)  Darker Red, little yellow throat with
      dots back in throat.  small compact   $7.00

HCY's Lady Red  (Hung/Rick) Medium Red, little white throat.
      small compact   $7.00   

 Kc's Lovely Rose
  (Siao)  Double type dark fuchsia white throat coming
      out on face with dots on lower 3 lobe.   miniature  $7.00  Out for 2014

 Kc's Spicy Girl  
(Siao)  Peachy-pink with a darker throat.
      miniature  $7.00  

Pirates Witty Kitty  $7.00

                                    Speciosa   (Florist Gloxinia)

  Sinningia speciosa: Commonly called "florist gloxinia", these are 
   popular plants often with velvety looking bell shaped or slipper shaped,
   single or double flowers on dark green 6" to 8" leaves growing in a
   beautiful rosette shape. They come in a variety of colors and some
   have scent. Sinningia sp. 'Merry Christmas' has red and white double
   blossoms. sp. 'Touch of Spice' is a pink and white single with scent.
                       speciosa is grown for their beauty.


 sp.  "Aurora Borealis"  Double purple flower. Mottled bi-colored
      foliage.  (Wild form of "florists gloxinia")   $7.00  OUT

sp.  Blue Dandy
  (Lyon)  Double deep blue/lavender edge on petals.
      Dark Green Foliage.  $7.00

sp. Cabo Frio 
Large purple deep throat.  $7.00

sp. "Claire Roberts"   Deep purplish-pink fading to white throat/
peppered dots at the back of the throat.  $7.00

sp.  Merry Christmas 
(Lyon)  Large double red/white edge. $7.00 
sp. Pink Dandy
    (Lyons)   Large pink double ruffled with white
wide edge.  (Medium)  $7.00  Out  for 2014

sp. "Touch of Spice"  
(Martens) Single white with pink lobes.
(Compact)    $7.00   (out for 2014)

Misc. Sinningia 

 Angora Love Very Small Compact $7.00

 California Gold   (Martens)  Numerous peachy-pink S. eumorpha type
      slipper blossoms.  (Medium)   $7.00
 California Sunset
  (Martens) Orange flower.  $7.00

 cardinalis  "Orange"  Orange calyn double.  $7.00

 Colorado Sunset   (Foster)  Orange flower. $7.00

 Connect the Dots  (Martens)  White, upper two lobes purple/ purple
      dots all around the face.   ($7.00)  OUT          

 Gabriel's Horn  
() a pretty orange calyx, red throat.  (Orange)

 Gabriel's Horn  
() Orange, red and purple calyx, color all mix up
      in the bloom.   (Compact)  (tri-color)   $7.00  

 Kansas City Blues 
(Kartuz)  Light Lavender, white throat with 
      fuchsia dots lower lobes.  (Compact)  $7.00

Orange Zinger   Orange.  $7.00   

 Ozark Scentimental Journey  (Harris/Martens)  ($7.00)  (Scented)
        (2006 release)  (Compact)   OUT    
 "Peg of My Heart"  Conner   $7.00

 Pink Tiger  (Martens)  Bright pink/darker pink stripes. (Medium) $7.00

 Playful Porpoise 
(Martens)  Calyx double bell lavender shaped 
      blossom.  (Hose in hose type blossom)  (Compact)  $7.00  OUT  

 Texas Butterfly
(Martens) Medium Pink, double Calyx.   (Compact) 
       $7.00  OUT  
 Texas Zebra  (Martens)  Light Lavender slipper type/darker stripes. 
      (Compact)  $7.00  

 Ugly Girl  (Clive)  Pinkish S. eumorpha blossoms/darker stripes in lobes.
      (Compact)  Actually quite beautiful!    $7.00 


   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia- 
   -Misc. Gesneriads-      -xAchimenantha-  

Misc Gesneriads


  Diastem "Vexan's"   White flowers, purple dots on lobes.  Plant $5.00


-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-    -Sinningia-  
    -Misc. Gesneriads-     -xAchimenantha-


Rhizomes  available Until last of April
                             One Rhizomes  $4.00   Plant  $5.00
(Rhizome or cutting will be sent)
 xAchimenantha Golden Jubilee  (Martens)  Pink salmon.  Dark green
      Leaves red reverse. 

 xAchimenantha Inferno 
(Worley)  Large fiery red/red veining, 
      yellow eye.   Dark green upright to trailing foliage.   Out for 2014
 xAchimenantha Texas Polar Bear  
(Martens)  White flower/yellow
       throat.  Limited

 xAchimenantha Texas Spotted Leopard  (Martens)  Blue-violet with
      lighter spots and lines.  Hairy dark green/reddish back, foliage mildly
      carnation scented.    Out for 2014

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