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                                         (Rhizome or cutting will be sent)
                    3 Rhizomes  $4.00     Plants: Summer and fall  $5.00
                               Rhizomes  available Until last of April
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   Glory  Orange-pink, deeper orange at center.  Dark green narrow. 2 left

Small white, yellow throat/brown spotting.  Light green.

 Blue Rose
blooming  Single

 Desire  out for the 2015 season

 Apricot Glow

 Rainbow Warrior  

-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-   
   -Misc. Gesneriads-    -xAchimenantha-  


 Found growing in the wild in areas of China, Southeast Asia, and India. Chirita  
 has very unusual and attractive foliage. The veins are deep in the leaves giving 
 them a quilted look. Chirita leaves form a nice rosette shape, set on short stems
 that are thick and one to two inches long.

 Click on the link for a picture of a grown Chirita.

  Tube and lobes pure white with two purple lines along throat.
      (Miniature)    $6.00

 sp. USBRG  98-083    Blossom Blue.   $6.00

  I also carry a very limited number of these so check before ordering 

 sp. gemella   Hairy light green foliage.  Forms stolens.  (miniature)  $6.00

 Jade Moon  (Boggan)  Lavender-blue bloom.   Medium green pointed  
      leaves.  (miniature)  $6.00

Little Dragon 
(Boggan)  Very pale lavender.  Deep green pointed foliages.
      Make a perfect miniature rosette and produce stolen. (Miniature)  $6.00

-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-   
   -Misc. Gesneriads-    -xAchimenantha-  

Episcia ($5.00)

 Has leaves similar to those on violets, but are wonderfully colored with stripes 
 and copper or green colored edges with white veins. Episcia makes a good 
 hanging basket plant as it tends to be low-growing and have trailing stems.
  Episcia shoots off stolens like runners on strawberry plants.

 Temperature Note: This plant does the best growing above 65 with plenty of 

 Click on the link to view a full grown Episcia.


 Blue Nile  (Luther)  Lavender-blue, cream, yellow throat.  Bright green         bordered dark brown, center blade silver mid vein.  

 Butternut  Medium green, rose and brown foliage. Red-orange flower.

 Country Brillant  (Blansit)  Rose-red leaves.  Orange red flower.

 Country Kitten  (Blansit)  Red-orange flowers.  Chocolate colored leaves,
       with pink and silver veining.
 Emerald Isle   (Wesco)  Red flower.  Green and brown, with deeply  
       white veins foliage.   

 Faded Jade 
Light green, sliver quilted foliage.  Red flower.

 Ice Cream  Red flowers.  Chocolate brown leaves/silver netting.

 Jim's Canadian Sunset
  (Bodnar)  Pink flower with spots of darker pink,  
yellow throat.   Misty brown leaves with silver green veining.

 Jim's Golden Eagle
  (Bodnar)  Red-orange flowers.  Chocolate colored
leaves with silvery-pink veining.

 Jim's Lemon Zest 
(Bodnar)  Red-orange flower. Light silvery-green leaves  
      with darker green patches.

 Jim's Porcelain Doll 
(Bodnar)  Red Flower.  Chocolate pebbled leaves 
      silver-green veining.

 Kee Wee  
Red flower.  Large brownish-green leaves, deep rose veins.

 Lime Ade  Orange flower.  Light green, silver overlay, yellow in new growth.

 My Black Beauty
  Red-orange flowers  .Black green leaves with metallic 

 Pink Panther
  (Luther)  Large fringed pink flower, cream center, deep 
      pink spotting.  Large copper-green  leaves, sliver-green veining.
 Pixie Dust   Red flower.  Silver leaves to darker green margin with light 
      pink shades overlay.

 Sparkle Plenty   (Nixon)   Red flower.




-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-  
    -Misc. Gesneriads-     -xAchimenantha-  


 Gloxinia was discovered in Columbia and Venzuela in 1739.
 Gloxinia is so diverse in growing type it is hard to give a description
 of this plant.  Some Gloxinia may grow to a height of 6 inches, while
 others may reach 18 inches or more.  Some develop low spreading
 growth making them ideal for hanging basket.  Blooms vary from
 tubular to bell shape.

 Click on the link to see a Gloxinia

 Special note:  In the last couple years the Gloxinia have been rename   
 back what the plant family was name around 20 years ago. 

                        Rhizomes  $4.00         Plant  $5.00
  Rhizomes  available Until last of April

 Seemannia Chic  Small, pouched shaped, bright red flower.
      Medium green, pointed foliage.  (Spreading habit)

 Seemannia  Pegasus 

 Gloxinella Lindeniaha  Small lavender, bell/slipper shaped, with a 
      white edge.  Small, ovate, dark green with pink to silver veins.


-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia-  
  -Misc. Gesneriads-     -xAchimenantha-  


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   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-     -Sinningia- 
   -Misc. Gesneriads-      -xAchimenantha-  

Misc Gesneriads


  Diastem "Vexan's"   White flowers, purple dots on lobes.  Plant $5.00

"sp. Red fall"   red bloom.


-Achimenes-   -Chirita-   -Episcia- 
-Gloxinia-    -Sinningia-  
    -Misc. Gesneriads-     -xAchimenantha-


Rhizomes  available Until last of April
                             One Rhizomes  $4.00   Plant  $5.00
(Rhizome or cutting will be sent)
 xAchimenantha Golden Jubilee  (Martens)  Pink salmon.  Dark green
      Leaves red reverse. 

 xAchimenantha Inferno 
(Worley)  Large fiery red/red veining, 
      yellow eye.   Dark green upright to trailing foliage.   
 xAchimenantha Texas Polar Bear  
(Martens)  White flower/yellow
       throat.  Out for 2015

 xAchimenantha Texas Spotted Leopard  (Martens)  Blue-violet with
      lighter spots and lines.  Hairy dark green/reddish back, foliage mildly
      carnation scented.    Out for 2015

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